Hae fam,

It’s been roughly 312hours, some minutes and seconds since Chapter 001 commenced and well….it’s been okay? Nope awesome it’s been.


The journey only started yeah and I’m super elated for what’s to come. Okay – I know it’s not going to be all smooth and beautiful but pulling through isn’t an option, it’s in fact a necessity.

So, let me give out a liru on how my special day went. I slept past midnight and woke up later in the morning all angered and cranky, like who wouldn’t? My period shows up just like that, unannounced not minding it was my special day, what impudence? Saying I was angry is an understatement, and I am thankful I didn’t let these emotions lead me through the day, else it would have been a disaster. At that moment yet again, I realised I am solely responsible for my happiness and oh yes, it’s totally free. So I did take some chill pills, calmed my nerves, wore that beautiful smile and got my special day officially started.


After service, the fam gave me a treat, and I really did have a fabulouse time, coupled with the heavy downpour that started on our return. What would follow 5 blissful hours of sweet sleep. Welp, that was it, my ideal celebration. At that moment, nothing else mattered, I mean family is everything yeah, they matter most at the end of the day.

Moving on, being intentional in every aspect of my existence is definitely top priority in this new chapter, especially in my communion with Abba – a girl has somewhat drifted. I know the future isn’t exactly certain and one would utmostly wish it could be all rosy and stuff, but then sometimes somethings just seem so blue, well….a constant reminder that forever isn’t guaranteed on earth.

All in all, I’m super grateful and thankful to Abba for yet another year, hale and hearty from my 90 remaining years🤗.


Eheeee! did I mention “a someone” I also met on the special day? Oya…there you have it, I met “a someone”, a pro foot swinger and shyass, and………………………..uhmmm…………………😋

Lots of love💕💕💕


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1 thought on “CHAPTER 001

  1. Hello, I love how expressive and concise you narrate your experiences..Keep up the good work!!!..and sooo…lets gossip small..when are you going to tell us about this “someone” you met.

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