FEMALE: Child of no Worth?

The news that came was that she birthed a male child. There, was the lady I was trying to get stuff from, feeling all excited and thankful to God about the baby’s sex. The next thing she uttered with every bit of confidence was “Thank God ooo this baby is a boy, at least he will pay her bride price now, he wouldn’t want to leave his son outside”. You guys, saying I was shook is an understatement, I really wasn’t prepared for that. At that point I was battling a whole lot internally, with resounding questions like “what if he was female?” “Is the female child really a child of no worth?” “Why is much importance attached to birthing a male child?”. Alas, welcome to Nigeria yeah? Or Africa? Or is it only a Nigerian and African thing?


Whilst in a conversation with an older female the other day, I innocently wished the child being the first fruit of a certain random couple was female. The rebuke that followed left me in total disarray. I probed further as to why I got such reaction, the response I got was; “her place is now well secured in her husband’s house home because there is a male child” bla bla bla. Imagine the mentality, pathetic much, like wives are determinants of their children’s sexes.

I’m proudly female and unapologetic.

Very amusing are the well read who believe the wife is to blame especially in monogamous situations, and getting another is the solution (typical African abi Nigerian society). In every case like this, I always wish Abba keeps blessing them with the supposed “worthless”, how nice it would always have been. I’ve legit read and seen a lot of real life encounters and boy! I’ve come to the conclusion that some are just educated illiterates.


To be very honest, a whole lot needs to be unlearned asap, all the archaic norms and thoughts. Everything is wrong with the system, change should be the constant already. It all seems funny yeah, funnier are the female folks who embrace this wholeheartedly, deeply rooted conditioning much. Through it all, I remain pessimistic of a forthcoming revolution I can literally perceive.

Thing is, a good majority attribute this preference to the need for family name continuity. Sense or no sense? No sense of course, lemao, a mere thought of this cracks me up badly. They make it look as if the supposed family name would escort anyone 6 feet down. What is never understood is that children, regardless of gender are a gift from Abba, and are all equal and special in His sight. Earthly parents are but mere caretakers.


It doesn’t even end here, it goes on and on to many things widely accepted as societal norms. You know, in those days, female children were solely subjected to kitchen work and general house chores with little to no access to education in preparation for “their husbands’ houses”. The males on the other hand had lots of privileges yeah education inclusive. But then, there’s no much difference now, the only is that females now get educated and end a living. Apparently using their certificates to bring hot pot down from fire. I could go on and on, but this is story for another day, a special post coming to your screens soon.

I seek a society where I’ll first be recognised as a human being, before being recognized by gender.

Yet again, a whole lot must be unlearned. Children irrespective of sex and gender should be treated equally without preferences, even adults too. I am for gender equality, you should be too.

Lots of love💕💕💕


So, was meant to publish this since Saturday of last week, but this girl didn’t have joules, I’m happy it has finally come through. Kindly follow a girl’s blog already, and keep the likes, views and comments coming. Thanks a lot. Ehe!!! so, remember when I mentioned I was somewhat complicated in SOMETHING LIGHT? I do not get it, as I have been feeling somewhat uninterested in everything and everyone. To be honest, I’m tired and drained and happy and okay at same time. Makes sense much.

4 thoughts on “FEMALE: Child of no Worth?

  1. Omolara Ajayi Nov 9, 2018 — 7:32 pm

    Nice piece, well done darling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mmaobongsview Nov 9, 2018 — 10:06 pm

      Thanks alot fam😚


  2. Recently I witnessed something similar to this and it was not pleasing at all…nice piece baby… God help the female gender

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mmaobongsview Jun 21, 2019 — 5:36 am

      Thank you sweetie… Amen!


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