Shall we Continue?

“Writing is therapeutic for me” I will always say, which will leave me trying to convince myself even many hours later.

So, you already know I live in my head, and for the contents in my head to co-exist in peace and harmony, compartmentalising them is in fact a necessity. However, the latter has proven very impossible in a really long while now, leading to the case of disorganization of grandeur. Voila!!! Processing my thoughts has been an extreme sport, let alone putting them into writing. So you see, the whole therapeutic mindset has just been existing in past glory.

But putting this out is an attempt to start again and give this thing another try, with Abba’s help of course because I have received it. I mean, there is no harm in trying and trying and trying till I fully get my mojo back right? Hence that’s what I am doing. Just thought to mention it before we proceed.

Stay jiggy


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